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The official HorrorHound Weekend: Indianapolis (Sept 8-10, 2017) event page is live! And as part of the launch, we officially announced the first batch of guests, which make up for an epic Friday the 13th Part 2 reunion. This includes Steve Dash, Amy Steel, Kirsten Baker, John Furey, Bill Randolph, and Marta Kober. But we forgot one name (shame on us)! We are happy to confirm that Lauren Marie Taylor will also be in attendance for this special reunion event. Lauren portrayed "Vickie" in Friday 2 – and can be seen in such other films as Neighbors, Girls Nite Out, and TV series like Ryan's Hope and Loving. 

Tickets for HorrorHound Weekend are NOW AVAILABLE at early bird discount pricing. Look for prices to increase this Summer. But before that happens – save some cash – visit www.horrorhoundweekend.com and secure your passes today! Share - and tell your friends!

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Shawn Harrah about a month ago

Really liking this lineup so far, 7 guests announced and not one of them has anything to do with TWD...I like it.

Jared Johnson about a month ago

Yay!! Awesome to know I will actually get to meet them in person now Stacy Lee!!

Nikki Bennett about a month ago

Cynthia Kitana keep an eye out for different TWD ppl.

Erica McDuff about a month ago

Does the Fairfield Inn also give a discounted rate for HHW? When I called them they said that they don't

Timothy Ivan Miller about a month ago

Please bring Stu Charno!

Jason Watson about a month ago

Great add ive always wanted to meet her.

Kelly Truex about a month ago

Joe Smith