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Brandi E. Castle about a month ago

My first time there and I am coming back!!! My fave moment....

Kim Stoneberger about a month ago

Horrorhound was amazing as usual. Can't wait for Indy. Thank you Nathan Hanneman!

Candace Brooke Creasman about a month ago

I miss it! Post con blues. I am from texas and this was a fave con ever!

Jessica Crane about a month ago

First time at HorrorHound, and I had the best time! Can't wait to see you guys (and hopefully JDM) again in Columbus!

Keith Fields about a month ago

Had a great time this weekend. Got to meet some cool people and see many great actors. Best of all met Jeffrey Dean Morgan. As well Chandler Riggs from The Walking Dead, and the one and only Kane Hodder. Great time.

Ethan Wehrley about a month ago

Most awesome HorrorCon moment ever!

Rocky Rittberger about a month ago

NaTausha Sims about a month ago

My first vist to Horrorhound! Man was it AMAZING! Hope to be at the next one!!

Michelle Rhinehimer about a month ago

Lisa Karen Sturgell Shafer about a month ago

My two boys were very happy to see Negan!

Denise Mitchell about a month ago

andre and ryan were the nicest. so happy to meet them!♡ hope they do more conventions

Aaron Toft about a month ago

Loved it again!

Jamie Meyer about a month ago

If anyone got a pic with my daughters I'd love to see them!!

Craig Solomon about a month ago

great weekend had a awesome time again will look forward to next year.

Jamie Meyer about a month ago

Definitely my favorite part of the weekend!!

Peg Egan about a month ago

Best day ever

Jerred Daniel Adams about a month ago

Best Horrorhound I ever attended! You follow me?

Robin Barber Meglio about a month ago

Mary Byers about a month ago

We had an awesome time!!! 3 generations of fans!

Rocky Rittberger about a month ago

Great time

Nicole Larimer about a month ago

Most awesome day ever!!!

Ronald Thump Agee about a month ago

bucket list moment for sure jdm loved my iron.

Rachel Proffitt about a month ago

Had a BLAST! Loved the after party... And I got some great pics of these gals! And many more!

Robin Barber Meglio about a month ago

Amber Gosser about a month ago