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Update; we didn't get a chance to announce but it was posted at the show. Kenny Johnson will be missing HHW now. The goal is to try and have the entire cast rebooked into September (as long as their new show pick up schedules do not conflict. We are in discussions with their managers). We will update everyone as soon as their schedules are finalized. Considering the show ended and everyone was technically "out of work" and highly desirable - we didn't consider pilot season would have placed them in such high demand. We are happy they all quickly found decent shows to attach themselves to and are excited to find out what's next for them.

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Robert Scott Bean 3 months ago

Praying you get them rescheduled. Please focus on Bates Motel and try to get Vera as well. Enough Walking Dead already. They have their own convention. Geez!

Nikki Josh Davidson 3 months ago

Since Bates Motel ppl canceled it was a big let down and we drove for over 3 hours and the tickets for JDM was sold out which was a joke. Also, was hoping to meet Kenny from Bates but they forget to announce it last min which is unprofessional in my opinion. We come almost every year, and big let down!!

Sabrina Sites 3 months ago

This weekend at horror hound was done very unprofissonal in my opinion. how could they forget to post about Kenny jhonson from bates motel who canceled . Other ppl u can tell was prepared to meet him but no one knew about it until the day of the conviction when i seen he got cancled it was posted 1hr ago on saturday when i went. And secondly, we drove 3 hrs in order to see JDM and the tickets for the line was sold out! And how could they sale out that fast cause VIP never got in til 10 and regular people w/ tickets never got in til 11 .and it was very un organized this year as well. I go every year and this year has me not to come if they don't change there ways about how they run the

Dylan Cole 3 months ago

This year I thought the convention was awesome I got to meet all of the cast and very few complaints. The only time I was confused during the event was when we were in line waiting to get in on Sunday and when I couldn't find ethan embry but those things were all resolved by the staff. I thought this weekends staff did a very good job with celebrity lines and photo op times and lines. Everyone was very helpful and I am thankful that the staff knew how to helpout. Very Impressed overall and will be back the only complaint from me was that the vendor rooms weren't as good as they were last year but that is probally not your fault anyway thanks ~ Dylan Cole

Keith Fausnaught 3 months ago

Nathan Hanneman is there any way we can get Keegan Connor Tracy to come again in September as well? She was a pleasure to meet and a total sweetheart and I would love to get some Bates Motel items signed that I didn't get to this past weekend!

Amber Gosser 3 months ago

I'm confused?! Is will there be another horror hound weekend in September?!?! So soon?! I'm deffently down for another one of so! Fingers crossed!!! We had such a blast this passed weekend!

Robert Luciano 3 months ago

What days was freddie going anyways .was he going to be there Friday Saturday and Sunday

D. Aaron Schweighardt 3 months ago

Is anything taking place of the Bates Motel seminar?

Susie Maldonado 3 months ago

Would love to meet all of them at the September show!!!!

Marie Chai 3 months ago

Is there any tickets left. I am trying to get there after work today at 1230?

Dylan Cole 3 months ago

Jennifer Nicole Garrett 3 months ago

Fingers crossed for the reschedule

Rocky Rittberger 3 months ago

Had a great time

Robert Luciano 3 months ago

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