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UPDATE: Many people today have requested information on where Ethan Embry will be signing and the basic details of said signing. Ethan is attending in support of his new movie The Devil's Candy – and we will have a limited supply of promotional materials and 8X10s available (which will be available one per person – if needed). If you instead have items for Ethan to sign (such as personal posters and whatnot) you can please bring those (our stock of items is limited and is expected to run out). Ethan will be signing for free in the celeb:tattoo vendor ballroom – in "celebrity row" near the 31 cast. Ethan will be at the show starting after 1pm – and will be in attendance at the Saturday night movie screening for The Devil's Candy (10pm) as well as Sunday. Take your time and plan accordingly. Thanks!

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Christopher W. Cook 3 days ago

Disappointed in the set up and execution of the line for Ethan Embry today. Let's just say I didn't get to meet him. This was the first HorrorHound I've been to where they capped off a line and told people to "come back later," only to have new people in the back of the line and it capped off again. Again, disappointed. I waited nearly seven hours to meet Corey Feldman at HorrorHound Indy one year, but at least I physically knew I was in a line, even if half that time was outside in a misty rain.

D. Aaron Schweighardt 4 days ago

Did anyone make the connection that's it's going to be a mini-Dutch reunion, as both Ethan Embry and E.G. Daily were in that movie? Can we expect a Dutch panel? Haha.

Amber Mastin 3 days ago

So sad everytime for both days line was capped I wanted to get his autograph but couldn't hope he comes back again so we can try again (Jerry Mastin)

John Patrick 5 days ago

Anyone willing to get me Ethan's signature? Will gladly pay for shipping and your time. Dutch is an all-time favorite of mine

D. Aaron Schweighardt 4 days ago

Are the 8x10s at his table strictly for The Devil's Candy, or does he have photos for something like Can't Hardly Wait as well? Otherwise, does anyone know a quick and easy way to get a professional photo printed of a movie still, if I don't have a printer capable of doing it myself?

Kyle Wells 5 days ago

Eddie Hagerty Chris Hagerty Can't wait to meet Nick Pappagiorgio!!

Erica Blackburn Janney about 23 hours ago

Was disappointed .. really wanted to meet him but was told to leave and come back about ten different times. That blows.

Sherry Nicole Reedus 2 days ago

I missed him in Cincinnati, please bring him to Columbus!! 😊😊

Starleena MH Girty 4 days ago

Does anyone know if he still has pics left to sign for today?

Mike Morgan 4 days ago

Damn the man! Save the Empire!

Mandi Cooper 4 days ago

Does anyone know how much a selfie with Carl is?

Melissa Sutton Manzana 5 days ago

I love that movie 😍😍😍😍😍 Dutch 💓

Cole Younger 4 days ago

Did his table move or?

Jennifer Nicole Garrett 4 days ago

Empire Records❤

Ron Phelps 4 days ago

Any word in line?

Cynthia Renee Barnhart 5 days ago

Will he be doing table photos ?

Josh RLee 4 days ago

What time does he start signing on Sunday?

Antonio Magana 4 days ago

Kelsey Turner

Jared Johnson 5 days ago

Sean Morey

Robin Barber Meglio 5 days ago

Matt Meglio

Anna Morris 5 days ago

Danette Meece