Posted 6 days ago by Horrorhound Weekend

Due to flight delays, it looks like Michael MacKay will miss part of today's event. We will update his status once we know he is in the air and have received an ETA on his landing in CVG.

by: Horrorhound Weekend


Horrorhound Weekend 5 days ago

Well. Our temp will pass into the 40s once the sun peeks out. But I think his delays have little to do with what's happening in Cincinnati.

Justin Beavers 5 days ago

Apparently, nearly every celeb will miss todays event.

Alejandro Delgado 5 days ago

What time we need to swap the tix for bracelets? I have regular weekend psses

Patrick Stergos 5 days ago

*looks at weather* Not surprised

Melody Duncan Allen 5 days ago

What time do doors open so we get our tickets today ????

Jerry Roth 5 days ago

Doors for VIP open at 4, regular is at 5.

Misty Wood 5 days ago

Anyone know what time will call will open?

Thomas Farmer 5 days ago

Anyone have autograph prices?

Chico Adkins 5 days ago

Anyone know Kane Hodder autograph price

Adam Gannon 5 days ago

Any update on his travel arrangements? Has he arrived yet?

Dylan Cole 5 days ago

Where are the photo ops times at

Jared Johnson 5 days ago

Chuck Ryan