Posted about a month ago by Horrorhound Weekend

Presale tickets will be ending today at noon EST. Thank you to all who purchased your tickets early. Tickets will be available at the door Friday and Sunday but with limited quantities on Saturday.

by: Horrorhound Weekend


Joely Ann Young about a month ago

Will there be tickets at the door for Sunday? Or does anyone have 3 or 4 tickets for sale for Sunday? Please

Jamee Stover about a month ago

How "limited" are these limited quantities for Saturday? Like am I going to be fine getting a ticket if I'm there when the doors open? Is it possible to get a Saturday ticket on Friday? Are weekend passes being sold at the door? Pretty annoyed that it didn't say the when presale was ending anywhere on your website, at least that I could find.

Cody Barrick about a month ago

I emailed earlier this week asking about being able to purchase online as late as Friday and the response sounded clearly yes. And now this. What gives? How many tickets are available Saturday and when can the start being purchased ?

John Phuc Lam about a month ago

Soooo....Can we get tickets for Saturday on Friday? Because I bought photo ops first because they were more expensive and now if I am not able to purchase tickets for Saturday, I'm gonna be upset.

Nick Puma about a month ago

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Danette Meece about a month ago

I need one ticket for Saturday and I am very worried I cant go. I bought one ticket for my daughter and was going to get one for me at the door. I can't let my little girl go in alone! Does anyone have tickets for sale? She's so excited for her photo op! HELP!

Scott Allen about a month ago

Wish I would've know this sooner, this information wasn't anywhere! I already have a photo op ticket for Saturday!

Tony Botto about a month ago

So I guess I gotta get in line super early saturday and wait to hopefully get two saturday tickets? Anyone got 2 for sale? =/ Can you buy Saturday tickets on Friday? I wanna go saturday because of the costume ball....

D. Aaron Schweighardt about a month ago

When do they start selling tickets at the door on Saturday? Would they already be sold out, or are there already enough people in line to where it will be? I'm trying to decide if it's worth driving there today, or if at this point I should just try for tomorrow instead. Horrorhound Weekend

Wallace R Parkison about a month ago

I simply cannot wait I already predetermined my guests which includes Chandler Riggs and Jeffrey Dean Morgan and. Pollyanna!! See you fine people on Saturday!!

Ranee Rich about a month ago

I went online to order tickets for photo op today and saw you couldn't do it anymore. Anyone know if I can buy a chandler r photo op at the door or has that ship sailed?

Tracie McKee Hughes about a month ago

I didn't realize kids under 12 get in free and bought 2 for my boys. If there's anyone out there who needs 2 for Saturday message me.

Ben Menendez about a month ago

No, Thank You for running a baller show every year. Keep it up!!! 👍

Peg Egan about a month ago

I'm curious to when I'll get my time for the photo op I purchased. Still haven't received an email.

Justin Kane about a month ago

Has anyone found out if we can buy Saturday tickets on Friday or does anyone have 2 to sell?

Steve Hannon about a month ago

Oooooo, just checked this out. Had no idea the presale ended. Looks like I'll be there early Saturday to get a pass 😁

Jordan Nash about a month ago

Sooo photo op with JDM Saturday group A. Haven't purchased my weekend pass yet. Can I still get the photo or...??

Ryan Bratton about a month ago

Do you have to have a printed ticket or can they scan your phone?

Ashlee Obermeyer about a month ago

do we know what time the JDM photo op times are? i got one for the first group A

Beth Buck about a month ago

When is the photo op schedule to be released? Would be awesome to know

Penny Mercer about a month ago

What time can early admission ticket holders get in?

Stephanie Breitenbach about a month ago

How would I go about getting tickets put aside for my husband and I? He is in a wheelchair and it is very hard to find parking

Brent Heatherly about a month ago

I need Saturday tickets, how early do you need to be in line Saturday? anybody selling any, please let me know...

Dylan Cole about a month ago

When can we see a map of who will be in which room and photo ops times

Tony Botto about a month ago

Can you purchase saturday tickets on friday?